invest in yourself

I get it. One of the hardest things to do as a photographer, especially one who is just starting out, is spending money on education. I spent $8000+ on a college course for photography and for years I told everyone, "It wasn't worth it." I felt like I had wasted money learning such basic stuff, stuff that I could have learned on my own, or from a YouTube channel.

But the truth is, the more I grow in this industry, the more I realize a lot of what I was taught by my mentors has impacted the way I run my business and the way that I photograph. If I step back and look at the big scale, sure, I probably didn't need to spend $8000 to learn half the stuff that I did, but I did meet some amazing people who are still in my life today, and have impacted me in ways I can't explain. I guess it was worth it. 

But, we'll never reach our full capacity if we don't continue to learn or grow. Technology is always changing. Trends are always changing. It's so important to learn as you go!


I say all that to say, starting out means a tight budget, but it also means you NEED to invest in your education. While I truly believe it's worth it to do a photography workshop or mentoring session with the incredible artists out there and pay $400+, I'm starting out too- and want to give new photographers the chance to invest in their business at an affordable rate.  

we'll never reach the capacity of our potential if we're never open to learning.




$20/half hour

These sessions are fully customizable. We can chat about editing, workflow, business, pricing, marketing, or anything else! 



in person



After chatting over coffee over all the things photography, we'll go photograph a couple or individual together. I will direct you, give you tips on posing, show you how to draw emotion, and develop your style! 




You + your bestie, or your photographer friend, gets to join me overnight for TWO DAYS of fun, creativity, and learning. Food is covered in the cost. Ask me anything. Get feedback on things like your website and social media. Best part? We get to shoot a couple together and learn in real time!

PLEASE NOTE: In-person sessions can take place in your hometown, in a location of your choice, or here in Perth-Andover, NB. Travel costs include: $20/hr travel fee for locations here in NB, or airfare/rental if you want me to travel beyond NB. 

Weekend sessions are for female photographers only. 

let's grow together!