As photographers, I think we're all a little curious about what equipment others use. We all want to be the best. But because it's a pretty competitive industry, we're all scared to ask each other. I know when I first started out, I had no sweet clue what an L-Series lens was, let alone a full frame camera model. I didn't know different cameras could produce different qualities. I'm so thankful that my instructors and mentors were willing to share all their secrets. I am too! My mentees know they can ask me ANYTHING and I'll tell them. I'm not worried about secrets or keeping them to myself.

So this post is gonna spill all the tea on my equipment. I'll do another post another day on the programs that I use!

MY CAMERA: The Canon 5D Mk ii

Purchased used in 2016. It's my ONLY camera right now (extremely risky, I know. But cameras are extremely expensive, and I'm just putting my trust in Jesus that He's gonna keep it until I can get another one!)

What I like about the Canon 5D Mk ii:

- It's a full frame sensor. I upgraded from a Canon T3i, so there was a ton of difference. It's heavier than the rebel series because it's made out of metal. "Full frame sensor" means that the crop of the image I take is much more wider/larger than a cropped sensor frame.

- It's so durable. I mean, this thing has been out in the snow, the rain, and heat, cold, and yes, it's even been dropped a few times (tiny fingers got ahold of it a few years ago, I've got dents/marks to prove it). I've had to get it fixed and cleaned a few times but it still works perfectly!

- It takes Compact Flash cards. CF Cards are basically just bigger version of memory cards. I am so thankful for them, because they just seem more durable that the typical memory cards that are used in most cameras. I don't have to worry so much about losing them or damaging them. The only downside to this is that they are expensive, and sometimes hard to find. I get mine here on Amazon.


  • Canon 7-200. f2.8L - This is by far my most favourite lens. I always question why other photographers don't use it. It's a big lens, but its quality is incredible. The 200 mm focal length creates such a beautiful blur in the background, and the 70 mm makes it easy to shoot so many different portraits. It's the fastest lens I own, and the focus is always on point. Because you can open your aperture to 2.8, it will allow lots of light in and is really handy in darker places.

  • Canon 24-70 F4L - Ideally, this would be a f2.8. Lenses that can reach an aperture less than 4 always have such a smoother blur in the background and more bokeh.

  • Yongnuo 50 mm F1.8 - This lens is a knock-off of the Canon 50 mm 1.8 (the one that isn't apart of the L-Series) and I only have it because it's cheap. I found it on Amazon after buying TWO of the Canon ones that broke on me. Just fell apart in my hands. I decided I wasn't gonna spend money on something that was just gonna break. I use this one a lot, it does the job. The only thing I hate about it is that it's slow to focus sometimes, and the focus isn't always sharp. Keep reading to find out which model I am going to be adding to my equipment when I have the money for it!

My External Flash: Canon Speedlight 600EX II - RT ; I bought this because another photographer reccomended it. I rarely use it because I'm a natural light photographer, but it comes in handy when people get married in dark churches or don't have much natural light in their homes.

My Laptop: Apple 15 inch Macbook Pro ( Late 2013) - I bought my laptop used in 2016 and it's STILL going strong. Fast, has tons of room + storage, and hasn't quit on me yet. I've heard some iffy things about the newer pro models, so make sure you do your research! One photographer I know informed her followers to "keep your old Macbook pros because they're so much better than the newer versions!" after having issues with her keyboards only a few months after she purchased it.

I'm sharing my wish list because 1. My equipment is starting to become "outdated" - I mean, my camera model is now listed as "an older model" (*roll eyes*) so if yo